Welcome to my online boutique! My name is Alyssa, the creator behind A.B. Microsmithing.

I enjoy coffee, nature, hiking, creating, reading, journaling and have recently been able to start homesteading at our new home. I’m pretty sure planting trees and cultivating our property is part of what I was made to do. I love it.

This site encapsulates my enjoyment of creating and working with metal, to twist it, change it, patina it, you name it! To me the convergence of the rough metalwork refined captures opposites, a paradox if you will, the rough and refined.  My desire is to bring unique, handcrafted pieces to the table.

You may be wondering, why the name A.B. Microsmithing? Well, the A.B. stands for Alyssa Beth, yes, I wanted my name subtly tied to it; not out of ego, but to make it feel even more a part of me. The term microsmithing originated from the idea of smaller scale metalworking and blacksmithing.

Take a peek at the different collections, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.Thanks for visiting!

Alyssa Beth